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Hi, I'm Jenna Korpi, but people call me J.  Mr. Korpi is my dad.  I am in 5th grade.  I have a handsome, awesome, smart, goofy big brother named Tate, a.k.a. Colonel Hathi.  I love to eat pasta, any kind.  Whether it's macaroni, fettuccini, spaghetti, lasagna, shells, spirals, Sponge Bob-shaped, elbow, knees, toes, whatever.  If it's pasta, I'll eat it, especially if it's cooked (unless it's dipped in sauerkraut juice.) When I'm not eating pasta, I enjoy tumbling (gymnastics, not falling down), playing piano, playing "Just Dance" on the Wii, not cleaning my room, and asking my dad to blow the cedar needles off the trampoline so I can jump for 5 minutes and, of course, Volleyball.  Did I mention that I liked pasta?
Here's a picture of the trampoline after my dad blows off the cedar needles.  Can you spot me in the picture?
I have an American Girl name L'il J.  She's named after me.  I guess that makes me Big J.  My dad made L'il J an awesome wardrobe to keep her clothes in and to sleep standing up in.  She claims it's very uncomfortable, but roomy.

When I'm not eating pasta, playing piano, dancing on the Wii, doing homework, playing Volleyball, or trying to imagine there are not ghosts in my closet after  watching "Ghost Adventures," I'm watching murder mystery shows and trying to help catch bad guys.  Here I am with one of Comal County's finest, after being deputized at the Junior Deputy Academy.

Zachary is my BOY!  I've had him since I was zero.  He's been stitched up many, many times.  I can't and won't sleep without him.  He is awesome, but he's a little quiet.  Daddy even took him to the top of Mount Truchas in the summer of 2010 on his backpacking expedition.  He didn't eat much or take up too much space in the tent.  I'm glad he made it back safely.

My favorite show is "Austin & Ally" on the Disney Channel.  I also like to watch "Ghost Adventures" with my dad on Friday nights.  This is when I get to sleep with him and my mom in their bed :) We lay in bed all night together paranoid.  It's a tradition my mom hopes we get rid of.

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Does Kraft make Harry Style-shaped maccaroni?

Time for a joke:

Q: What did pony with laryngitis whisper to its rider ?

A: "Sorry, but I'm a little Horse (hoarse)."

Hey, did you know I love pasta.  I even consider Ramen Noodles a form of pasta.  I like Chicken and Oriental flavors.  I'm waiting for them to come out with Sauerkraut-flavored Ramen so I can NOT buy it. 

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