"Useful" Links

  Alcohol Addiction Recovery help!!

  Some interesting Math Calculators (Thanks Kennedy!)

  An amazing lesson in relativity

  A Super Fantastic Website

  Kilford's Wonderful AP Psych and Sociology  WEBSITE

  The site of one of my favorite post-graduate professors

  The little company that Dean Kamen built

  The World of Escher  

  Amusement Park Physics

  The Drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci
  Know your Rights

  Communication, Presentation, and Research Links

  A cool photo of the twin towers

  What's in a name?  Ask the Kabalarians

  Free language translator.  Type in what you want

  Have a Legal Question?

  A prayer and a poem for a teacher

  Movies about schools, teens, and teachers

  Dr. Thom's comprehensive list of links

  Block scheduling issues

  The Biology project--Dr. Palmer, UT Austin

  How does that song go?

  Cool images of space

  Columbia STS-107

  News for nerds

  What time is it?

  Don't have a window?  click here for the weather.

  Snag it!  Capture screen images, text and printer output from your Windows PC

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