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Jada Webb, Class of 2017




Course Info:

1st Day Handout: Parent/Student Letter

1st Day Homework: Academic Integrity, Parent Survey, Student Survey


PreAP Precalculus syllabus

Open House Info, Bingo, & Schedule

Course Scope and Sequence

PreAP Precalculus survival guide


1 Intro: Precalculus Prerequisites (Notes)

1.1 Exponents (Notes/PreNotes, WS/KEY)

1.2 Factoring with Expressions & Equations (Notes, WS/KEY)

1.3 Simplifying & Evaluating (Notes, WS/KEY)


2 Intro: Fun and Functions (Notes)

2.1 Algebraic Domains of Functions (Notes, WS/KEY)

2.2 Limits & Continuity (Notes/, WS/KEY)       TEST 1.1-2.2 video

2.3 Other Properties of Functions (Notes, WS/KEY)      TEST 2.1-2.3 video

2.4 Parent Functions and Transformations (Notes, WS/KEY)

2.5 Building Functions from other Functions (Notes, WS/KEY)

      2.1-2.5 XTRA PRACTICE, KEY      2.1-2.5 TEST DISCUSSION


3 Intro: Polynomial and Rational Functions (Notes)

3.1 Polynomial Functions & Inequalities (Notes, WS/KEY)

      3.1B Binomial Theorem & Pascal's Triangle (Notes, WS)

3.2 Real Zeros of Polynomial Functions (Notes, WS/KEY)      TEST 3.1-3.2 review

3.3 The Intermediate Value Theorem (Notes, WS/KEY)

3.4 Complex Zeros of Polynomial Functions (Notes/, WS/KEY)

3.5 Rational Functions (Notes/, WS/KEY)       In-class worksheet HERE

3.6 Radical Functions & Power Functions (Notes, WS/KEY)


4 Intro: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions (Notes)

4.1 Exponential and Logistic Functions (Notes, WS/KEY)     4.1 Review (WS, KEY)

4.2 Exponential and Logistic Modeling (Notes/, WS/KEY)

4.3 Logarithmic Functions (Notes/, WS/KEY)

4.4 Properties of Logs (Notes, WS/KEY)

4.5 Exponential and Log Equations (Notes, WS/KEY)      TEST 4.3-4.5 FR video


5 Intro: Trigonometric Functions (Notes)

5.1 Angles and Angle Measure (Notes, WS/KEY)

5.2 Applications of Angles (Notes, WS/KEY)

5.3 Circular Trig Functions (Notes, WS/KEY



       5.3B Using the Unit Circle Practice (WS/KEY)

       5.3C Trig Whip Activity

       5.3D Two Clues Take-Home Quiz, KEY         TEST 5.1-5.3 2017 Test video

5.4 Sinusoids (Notes, WS/KEY)

       5.4B How to Sketch a Sinusoid (Notes) MUST READ

       5.4C Xtra Practice: Sinusoids (EASY PHASE SHIFTS) (WS)

       TEST 5.1-5.4 Test Discussion video

5.5 Applications of Sinusoids (Notes, WS/KEY)

      5.5B Xtra Practice (WS)

5.6 The Other Trig Functions (Notes, WS/KEY)

      5.6B Xtra Practice with Trig Functions (WS/KEY)    TEST 5.2-5.6 VIDEO

5.7 Inverse Trig Functions (Notes, WS/KEY)

5.7B Inverse sine & cosine (WS/KEY)

5.8 Problem Solving with Trigonometry (Notes, WS/KEY)


6 Intro: Analytic Trigonometry (Notes)

6.1 Fundamental Identities (Notes/KEY/, WS/KEY)

6.2 Trig Proofs!!! (Notes/KEY, WS/KEY)

      6.2B Trig Proofs Xtra Practice (WS)

6.3 Composite Identities (Notes/KEY, WS/KEY)

6.4 Other Identities (Notes/KEY, WS/KEY)    Xtra Practice WS/KEY

       Practice Test 6.1-6.4 (Practice/KEY)       2016 TEST 6.1-6.4 (Exam/KEY)

6.5 The Law of Sines (Notes/KEY/, WS/KEY

6.6 The Law of Cosines & Area (Notes/KEY/, WS/KEY)  

       Practice TEST/KEY 6.5 - 6.6       TAKE-HOME QUIZ 6.5-6.6 & Area


7 Intro: Polar, Parametric, & Vectors (Notes)

7.1 Polar Coordinates (Notes, WS)

7.2 Graphs of Polar Equations (Notes, WS)

7.3 Plane Curves and Parametric Equations (Notes, WS)

7.4 Vectors in 2-D (Notes, WS)


8 Intro: Introduction to Calculus (Notes)

8.1 The Derivative (Notes/KEY, WS/WS B 2016 w/KEY

       Cool Link HERE!

8.2 The Integral (Notes/, WS)  Cool Link HERE!

8.3 Sequences & Series (Notes, WS)


9 Intro: Cross-Sections of a Double-Napped Cone (Notes)

9.1 Circles (Notes, WS)

9.2 Ellipses (Notes, WS)

9.3 Hyperbolas (Notes, WS)

9.4 Parabolas (Notes, WS)



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