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  Win A Million Dollars with your math knowledge!!!

  OOPS! The Glossary of Mathematical mistakes
  Mathematically Correct
  Math in the Movies

  Math Art Gallery 
  Generate your own prime number 

  How popular is your favorite number?

  The importance of math

  Can Santa do his thing, mathematically?

  The new 12 days of Christmas.

  Where's your birthday in Pi?    
  I think I'll have some more Pi, please.     
  Mike Keith's World of Numbers

  An amazing doubly-true anagram from Mike Keith

  Ivars Peterson's   MathTrek Archives
  Clever Games for Clever People 

  Could You Have Passed the 8th Grade in 1895?

  A mathematics quotation poll
  General math facts

  Changes in math education throughout the decades

  Schroedinger's Cat: an Epic Poem

  Math in the Movies

  Research your favorite mathematician

  Funny IQ Test

  The 10 Mathematical Commandments

  The Five Platonic Solids


  e versus pi: clash of the irrational titans

  Irish Math

  Nothing beats a Ham Sandwich

  Women are Evil

  Sheepish math

  The less you know, the more you make

  Math Test for Orchestra Members

  Hotel Fire

  The average integrator

  Always give 100% at work

  Hubris Function

  Sheepish Deduction


  63 Methods of Mathematical Proof

  Approximately 10 excuses for not doing homework

  What math teachers mean by what they say

  Study tips 

  An interesting application of parabolas


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