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Congratulations to the class of 2018 for winning BOTH Fun Night and Spring Fling 2017!

photos from Mikie Farias


Spring Fling 2017 Twin Parade Video


Fun Night 2017 Video


Spring Fling 2017, April 17-April 21

Theme: The Chariot Games


Monday, April 17

Mismatch Dress-Up Day

4:30-6:30—Bunny Bowl Preliminaries at Unicorn Stadium (MUST STAY OF THE TRACK; TRACK PRACTICE WILL BE UNDERWAY.  USE OF FIELD ONLY IS OK)

     Freshman vs. Juniors

     Sophomores vs. Seniors


Tuesday, April 18

Toga Dress-Up Day

4:05-6:05—Hall Decorations, Orr, Garnsey, Krandall to judge

     Freshman @ NGC

     Sophomores @ Main Hall, Science Hall intersection to halfway

     Juniors @ Main Hall, halfway to Commons

     Seniors @ Main Hall, by trophy wall & cases

7:00 Theater Arts Talent Show/Lip Sync Battle in Auditorium


Wednesday, April 19 (AM Assembly Schedule)

Twin Dress-Up Day (Twin Parade during AM Assembly)

4:30-6:30—Powderbuff Volleyball Tourney @ Competition Gym


Thursday, April 20

Sports Jersey Dress-Up Day

Pep-Rally Schedule

Bunny Bowl during Pep Rally time slot @ Unicorn Stadium (all invited)

6:30-8:30—Fun Night @ Competition Gym


Friday, April 21 (Assembly Schedule)

Class Colors Dress-Up Day

Prom Presentation during AM Assembly

Announce Spring Fling Winners in Competition Gym


Class Sponsors/Sign-Up Sheet Locations/Theme Consultants/Class Color Consultants

Freshmen:  Wenzel & Brake GREEN

Sophomores: Cory Smith & Tenee Velasquez WHITE

Juniors: Lincoln & Skrhak BLUE

Seniors: Reno & J BLACK

Fun Night Agenda (in order of performance)

1.  Sack Race (4Bx4G)

2. Ping Pong Spoon Relay (4Bx4G)

3.  Basketball Free Throw Knockout (4Bx4G)

4. Hoola Hoop Circle Pass (4Bx4G)

5.  Piggy-Back Race (4Bx4G)

6.  Crabwalk (4Bx4G)

7.  Bat Spin-10 spins (4Bx4G)

8  Pantyhose Putter (4Bx4G)

9.  Sleeping Bag Chariot race (6Bx6G)

10.  Tug-o-War (15)

Juniors won PowderBuff Volleyball


Coach Reno explaining the economics of fair play

















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