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Creative Coding Club

CCC Club 2017-2018

From left to right:  Daniel Cabello, Syreeta Walker, Skyler Vestal, Brandon Burtchell, Felix Rolon, Corey Boenig (not pictured)



CCC Lessons

Lesson 1: Intro to Concepts & Drawing

Lesson 2: Logic

Lesson 3: Loops & Arrays

Lesson 4: Classes & Objects



Interesting Links:

Fast Inverse Square

Newton's Method

Cool Optical Illusion, by Skyler




The Creative Coding Club is a club for anyone interesting in learning how to code.  The CCC founder, president, and chief presenter is Mr. Skyler Vestal.

The Club meets each Thursday from 4:05 PM to 5:05 PM in Mrs. Trollinger's classroom.

If you are interested in joining, grab your like-minded friends and come to the next meeting.  We'd love to have you.

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